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About Us

Melrose Technologies (originally Melrose Distributing Company) was established in April, 1931 by Max & Joseph Berlin.

Located in the Philadelphia area, dedicated to the Automotive Service Equipment Industry.

A regional company servicing Garages, Repair Shops, and Car Dealers.

Since its Incorporated in 1955, Melrose has become a national company.

Max Berlin (Joseph�s father) passed away in 1955.

Max Berlin II (Joseph�s son) and current President was born in 1956.

Melrose takes pride in �thoughtful� planning.

We try to think of everything so that you won�t have to think of anything.

We promise you will never be surprised.

No Hidden Additions.

No Unexpected Charges.

Everything is right �Up Front�.

Nothing left out.

 We do it the �RIGHT WAY�, the first time!

 When we design a parts department, we automatically give you closed ends, so that parts do not fall off.

When we design an Air System, the drops are always, up, over, and down.

When we design a lube system, we leave room for further expansion.

When we design an CO exhaust system, the drops are level and positioned with convenience in mind.

When we design an entire shop with 78 years of experience.

Company History & Tid Bits

In 1931 the office was located at 5922-5928 N. Broad Street in Philadelphia.  In 1960 the office moved to 128 E. Glenside Avenue in Glenside, PA where it remained until 2006 when it relocated to its present location on Pike Road in Lower Southampton, Bucks County.

Another reason why Melrose is unique�in 1943 George Huf went to work for Joseph Berlin and worked for him until 1985.  In 1979, George�s son Karl also came to work for Melrose.  Today, Karl is the Vice President.

In 1947 Eddie Wagner came to work for Melrose.  Eddie passed away in 2004 after working for Melrose continuously for 57 years.

Joseph Berlin and George Huf have both since passed away, but their son�s still work together.


Melrose designed and equipped all of J.C. Penny�s Auto Centers across the United States.

Melrose designed and equipped all of Sear�s & Roebucks Auto Centers east of the Mississippi River.

Melrose designed and equipped Aamco Transmission Centers across the United States.

Melrose designed and equipped all of Kelly Springfield Auto Centers across the United States.

Melrose designed and equipped all of S.E. Nichols Auto Centers across the United States.

Melrose designed and equipped all of Texaco Auto Centers across the United States.

Partial List of Manufacturers Represented & Dates

Applied Power 1972 � 1983

Ari-Hetra � 1976 � present

Atlantic Fabritech - 1992 -present

Balcrank 1954 � present

Bear 1941 � 1960, 1975 - 1984

Benwil 1972 � 2001 (closed)

Blackhawk � 1956 � 1972

Challanger 2001 � present

Champion 1993 � present

Coilhose Pneumatic � 1969 - present

Curtis-Toledo 1955 � 1972 (closed)

Dresser Industries � 1981 � 1991

EnergyLogic � 1993 - present

Equipto � 2004 - present

FMC � 1984 - 1999

Graco - 2012 - present

Harvey Industries � 1955 - present

Ingersoll-Rand � 2006 - present

Hunter 1965 - 1975

Nu*Star 1980 � present

Saylor-Beale � 1972 � 1981

Shure Manufacturing � 2004 � present

SPX � 2004 - present

Van Norman 1931 - 1964

Western Lifts � 1972 � 2007 (closed)




Visit our Ecommerce Site at


Home Products Services Specials Contact Info. Feedback About Us

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